Take apart your beds and other large furniture items prior to our arrival. 

8 ways to save money when moving

Pack as much as you can before the team gets there. The less packing you have to do while we are there, the less time the move will take. 

2. Labels

Clearly label all boxes/items with their destination. 

3. Un-mount flatscreen TVs

Unmount all paintings, TVs, mirrors, and bookshelves. The less time we spend taking things apart, the faster the move. 

4. Secure and box your electronics & Small appliances

Secure all cable boxes, alarm clocks, laptops, and any other personal electronics. 

5. Disassemble large furniture/beds 

1. Pack Ahead

6. Wrap fragile knick-knacks and antiques

We pack confidently, but to ensure the safety of your belongings and to minimize time, personally wrap fragile knick-knacks and antique items. 

7. Don't forget your basement, attic, and garage! 

Don't forget to tell us about your basement, attic, patio and outdoor shed! Often times, the basement is equivalent to a small house! 

8. Move smaller items ahead of time. 

Move items like small lamps, T.V. routers, and laptops ahead of time. 

"We're happy to pack and move you floor to ceiling, wall to wall, but if you're on a budget we can still help!"